Philosophy & Values

Our philosophy is rooted in the core values of the school. St. Mary's School is dedicated to excellence in athletics as part of a larger commitment to excellence in education, community, and spirit. 

Although St. Mary’s encourages a highly-competitive mindset and takes pride in winning, we believe that, most importantly, sport is a vehicle to teach and affirm habits valuable to personal development, physical mental well-being, and success in life:
  • embracing the discipline and hard work needed to reach one’s potential and the highest level of performance;
  • being responsible, dependable, and accountable to the team in pursuit of a common goal;
  • demonstrating respect for one’s opponents by accepting victory with humility and defeat with grace; 
  • practicing high standards of character on and off the field as a representative of St. Mary’s.

We emphasize these points at every level,
in every sport, every day. 


Work Ethic




St. Mary's School is a Positive Coaching Alliance partner.
We believe in the link between participation in sports and mental health. As a school community, we recognize that teaching both game fundamentals and life skills is a winning combination.