Notable Alumni

The following list was compiled from memory and incomplete records. If you know of alumni who should be featured in this list, please get in touch with the Director of Alumni Relations, Sarah Primerano

List of 16 items.

  • Baseball

    Joe Johnson - Vanguard University
    Ben Robinson - Lewis & Clark
    Travis Danielson - Davis & Elkins College
    Ty Mulholland - Presentation College
    Jose Perez - Presentation College
  • Basketball

    Michael Fiddler - Wheaton
    Eric Guyer - SWOCC
    Russ Harper - College of the Siskiyous
    Todd Marshall - Saint Mary's College of California and Oregon State University 
  • Bowling

    Grace Chan - Central Missouri
  • Football

    Jaden Foster '23 - Shasta College
    Tre Foster - Western Oregon State University
    Coby Aldrich - George Fox
    Bryce Bramscher - OSU
    Nick Van Valkenburg - Fresno State University & OSU
    Josh Martin - Willamette University
    Scott Richter - Willamette University
    John Wing - Willamette University
    John Leonis - Notre Dame
    Keith Butts - Williams
    Steve Bennett - Southern Oregon University
  • Golf

    Brock Drury '23 - Pacific University
    Kaylee Wu - Lipscomb
    Kamryn Ford - Lewis & Clark
    Josh Wu - Air Force Academy
    Jeremy Wu - Valparaiso
    Staesha Flock - Concordia University
    Dylan Wu - Northwestern
    Cassandra Carothers - Brown
    Will Street - Furman
    Aubrey Street - Furman
    Brandon Chun - SWOCC
    Katie Mania - University of Portland
  • Soccer

    Katelynn Balsiger '23 - Savannah College of Art & Design
    Sadie Glaser '23 - Willamette University
    Ibixica Alvarez - OIT
    Meghan Michels - Pacific Lutheran University
    Maddie Wheelock - NAU
    Grace Weber - Corban University
    Gaby Castillo - Whitmann College
    Sara Klott - Lewis & Clark
    Emily Elmore - Bryn Mawr
    Anna Thorndike - Lewis & Clark
    Mary Beth Barnum - Portland State University
    Alec Robertson - George Fox University
    Tracy Salgado - George Fox University
    Mackenzie Krieser - University of San Francisco
    AJ Leep - OIT
    Lou Arne - BYU- Hawaii
    Reid Arne - BYU-Provo
    Sam Moore - Willamette University
  • Skiing/Snowboarding

    Margo Chamberlain - Colorado College
    Lauren Angel - Westminster College
  • Swimming

    Asa Frisbee '23 - California Baptist University
    Gus Simms - Tufts University
    Alysse Darnell - Azusa Pacific
  • Track & Field/Cross Country

    Saniyah Ayala '23 - Linfield University
    Sidney DeBoer '23 - Loyola Marymount University
    Mackenzie Walker '22 (Pole Vault) - Washington University
    Gavin Cougle '22 - Butler
    Katie Rietmann - Cal Poly SLO
    Marissa Dobry - Cal Berkeley
    Josh Martin (throws) - Willamette University
    Mitchell Moczygemba (throws) - Nova Southwestern University
    Conor Keating (Marathon Team) - US Naval Academy
    Linnea Fong (Pole Vault) - Cornell
    Ross Robino - Graceland University
    Sean Igelman (Pole Vault) - Brown University
    Tracy Salgado - George Fox
    Alexi Provost Shean - Lewis & Clark
    Abby Steinsiek - Elon University
    Morgan Martin - University of San Francisco
    Nikki Steinsiek - Colorado College
    Julio Silva - Willamette University
    Harrison Leep - Western Oregon University
    Alexi Povost Shean (High Jump) - Lewis & Clark
    Mike Seus - Loyola Marymount University
    Trevor Coolidge - University of Portland
    Leah Sawyer - Stanford University
    Brooke Densmore - Vassar
    Martina Patella - Cal Berkeley
    Karissa Matthews - Pacific University
    Jeremy Brady (decathlon) - Trinity University
    Chloe Rainey - Ripon College
    Stephanie Dickerson - University of Oregon
    Joe Pirillo - Southern Oregon University
    Beaver Gilman - Southern Oregon University
  • Volleyball

    Kelsey Dunn '23 - Chapman University
    Alexi Provost Shean - Lewis & Clark
    Kylee Adderson - George Fox
    Katie Hansen - Pacific University
  • Crew

    Maren Chamberland '23 - Cornell University
    Kate Vasey - La Salle
    Alexis Benton -Wisconsin
    Ellie Pitcher - Loyola Marymount University
    Perry Parsons - University of Portland
    Henry Stout - Oregon State University
    J.P. Marquardt - U of Washington
    Andrea Freel - Smith College
  • Cycling

    Martina Patella - Cal Berkely
  • Hockey

    Dane Irving - University of Arizona
  • Rugby

    Emma Bennion - BYU
  • Softball

    Grace Jovanovic - Seattle Pacific
  • Water Polo

    Lucy Gramley - Brown University
Featured Alumni
Had you flipped your television to CBS on Father’s Day morning, June 18, 2023, you would’ve noted frequent airtime for Dylan Wu, St. Mary’s class of 2014. Dylan, now in his second year on the Professional Golf Association Tour, was playing the final round of the United States Open, and many of his drives, approaches, pitches, and putts were televised and commented upon by the A-team of CBS’s golf coverage. On that same morning, his younger brother Jeremy, class of 2016, also received plenty of airtime. You see, Jeremy is almost always at his older brother’s side, working full-time as his caddie. And although Dylan is ultimately the lead attraction, Jeremy plays a key part in his success.

For both Wu brothers, the U.S. Open experience was a powerful first: qualifying and competing in a highly-selective “major” (one of four special tournaments designated as such: The U.S. Open, The British Open, The P.G.A. Tournament, and The Masters). Dylan, relying on Jeremy’s club selection, putting reads, good advice, and unwavering support, went on to finish in the top 32 in our national Open, no small feat for a kid from Medford, Oregon.

The Wu brothers come from a golf-crazy family, and from an early age had a club in their hand. While at St. Mary’s, they honed their games, while performing at a very high level. Dylan won four straight team state championships from 2011-2014, capping his career with back-to-back individual state titles in 2013 and 2014. Dylan followed his high school career by playing four years at Northwestern University. Jeremy also piled up the St. Mary’s accolades, including an individual state title his junior year, 2015, during which he shot a state championship record 63, which still stands today. He followed his high school career with four more years on the course at Valparaiso University. Their siblings, Jeremy’s twin Josh, class of 2016, and their young sister Kaylee, class of 2019, also enjoyed distinguished golf careers at St. Mary’s; both still travel to as many tournaments as their work allows.

This second year on the tour for Dylan and Jeremy has been an excellent one. They’ve competed in over 20 tournaments in locales far and wide, from Hawaii to Detroit, from Mexico to Canada. They know that the extended T.V. time during the U.S. Open wasn’t the apex; it was just the beginning.