Sports Performance

Health & Safety

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  • Air Quality

    St. Mary's School follows guidelines set forth by the OSAA in consultation with the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. 

    An air quality index (AQI) of 151 and greater will cause practices/games tp be canceled or moved to a venue/area with a lower AQI.

    Learn more about other protocols around air quality here.
  • Concussion Protocol

    St. Mary's School recognizes that concussions can happen in any sport and be particularly harmful to a student's health and safety.  The school follows OSAA guidelines to ensure the safety of all its athletes. The athletic director and coaches all complete a training program on concussion prevention and identification.

    You can find extensive resources, including return-to-play guidelines and the concussion management policy which St. Mary's follows here.
  • Heat Index

    St. Mary's School monitors the heat index for both practices and competitions. If the heat index in the geographical area of play rises above 95° F, the OSAA requires additional changes be made to protect the safety of players, coaches, officials, and fans. 

    If the heat index rises above 105° F, all outside play will cease. 

    Learn more about the OSAA regulations here.
  • Sports Nutrition

    St. Mary's School believes its athletes should practice healthy habits off the field to achieve peak performance on the field. From hydration to proper nutrition, take a look at some of these resources to get the fuel your body needs.