Archery Brings Home Hardware

Congratulations to these archers who stood out at state!

HS Team - 1st place - Highest team score to date

High School Girls:

1st place - Nicola Chmelir - score 275
2nd place- Ella Yeamans- score 274
3rd place- Helen Li- score 272

High School Boys:
2nd place- Ryan Menold- score 277
3rd place - Aiden DeBoer- score 272

MS Team - 1st place - Three points shy of highest team score

Middle School Girls:
1st place- Emery Ghavam- score 263
2nd place- Alena Wilcox- score 253
3rd place- Riley Greer- score 250

Middle School Boys:
1st place- Harry Wiencek - score 267
2nd place - Kweli Khieu- score 264

Elementary Boys:
1st place- Jonah Wang- score 250

Scholarships are given to the top 3 overall scores in both the boys and girls divisions:

Boys- 2nd overall was Ryan Menold with $750
3rd overall was Aiden Deboer with $500
Girls - 1st overall was Nichola Chmelir with $1000
2nd overall was Ella Yeamans with $750
3rd overall was Helen Lin with $500